Catch..Catch Me If You Can as soon in Los Angeles as you can

March 8th, 2013
Catch Me If You Can Tickets Pantages Theater

Catch Me If You Can Pantages Theater

The 2013 Pantages Calendar of events is upon us. Their lineup of Broadway shows consists of Catch Me If You Can. This exciting and colorful play is based not only on the hit 2002 movie with Leonard DiCaprio but also the true life story of Frank Abagnale. Frank Abagnale was born in 1948. By the time he was fifteen, he had learned to use his father’s gas credit card to run up charges and buy items from the gas station only to return them for cash. He racked up a bill of thousands of dollars. Frank Abagnale eventually became one of the most famous under-age con artists in American history. He evaded arrests at least twice and by the time he was caught for good had embezzled an estimated $2 million in checks. He posed as an airline pilot, a doctor, a teacher’s assistant at Columbia University, and an attorney amongst other things. He was caught in 1969 in France after an Air France attendant he dated recognized him and notified authorities. By the time he was arrested, at least twelve countries had charges out on him. Frank Abagnale’s ingenuity in his crimes would serve him well later in life. He only served five of his twelve year sentence and after being released he was hired by the U.S. government to help them catch other cons doing similar fraud. Today he is a widely respected speaker and has one son in the FBI. This exciting Broadway play takes you on the series of unbelievable adventures that Frank Abagnale Jr. embarked on. This stunning show is taking Pantages audiences everywhere on a fun and exciting journey through the bold and brazen stints successfully accomplished by Abagnale. Catch Me If You Can has been long anticipated and now it’s finally here in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater!

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