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Phantom of the Opera Los Angeles Pantages Theater Tickets.


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The Phantom of the Opera tells the tragic tale of Erik, a musical genius who lives in the seedy underbellies of the Paris Opera House. Unalterably disfigured since childhood, the Phantom is running away from a lifetime of public scrutiny. The year begins in 1857 with the construction of the Paris Opera House. Erik demands money from the Opera House managers under the guise of being a dangerous ghost who will bring death and chaos to their performances should they fail to meet his demands. Now you can order your Pantages Theater Phantom of the Opera tickets today!

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Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera tickets for sale | Buy Los Angeles Phantom of the Opera Tickets

Phantom of the Opera the Musical


Phantom of the Opera Jun 10- July 26th 2015

Most people have heard about the classic Broadway production “Phantom of the Opera.” Now it is coming to the Los Angeles Pantages Theater on June 10th through July 26th of the year 2015 and is sure to be a hit there as well. Phantom of the Opera is a musical based on a classic horror novel written in 1910 by Gaston Leroux. On Broadway, it is the longest running musical to ever play there. Not only that, but it has been remade into many films throughout the last 100 years.

Phantom of the Opera is about a composer who suffers a deformity and has to cover half his face with a mask in order to cover up the deformed side. The story takes place at the Grand Paris Opera House located in France where the composer is haunting it. He lives in an underground cavern while being isolated from the outside world. But instead of being a scary monster, he is actually just a lonely man and a hopeless romantic who ends up growing fond of a beautiful young woman named Christine. He ends up tutoring and composing operas with the young Christine who seems to find herself drawn to this mystery composer that is tutoring her. As her stardom starts to rise and she is courted by a handsome suitor from her past, the Phantom composer starts getting angry. He ends up terrorizing the owners of the opera house and others with murder and violence. Despite all of this, Christine cannot help but stay drawn to this Phantom.

Not only is Christine drawn to this Phantom, but so is the audience watching the performances. The Phantom is both scary and romantic, which will keep you thrilled throughout the entire show. The musical score by Andrew Lloyd Webber definitely sets the right mood, especially with the musical’s signature song entitled “Music of the Night.” As for the beautiful sets and authentic costume designs, they really make you feel like it’s the 19th century. The best piece of the set is the chandelier that falls down and sends chills throughout the theater. With all of the dark undertones and romantic themes, this musical is probably not suitable for younger kids. The Phantom is cast as a frightening figure and there are plenty of scary moments, like the corpse that falls from a noose or just the sight of the Phantom’s face. If you are a fan of horror then you will certainly enjoy this musical even if you are not a fan of romance. The dramatic acting and the visually appealing sets are enough to keep you hooked throughout the entire musical.


Pantages Theater Address:
6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles , CA 90028

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