6 Unique TikTok Features You Need To Know To Customize Your Videos

TikTok, a social media video platform, has a surprisingly large number of functions. Not only can videos be recorded and posted on TikTok. You may also perform some simple video editing on TikTok. A screen with a few editing choices will display once you’ve produced a video or published one to TikTok. You can edit your video on TikTok by adding text, stickers, effects, and filters on this screen.

We know that learning (and adhering to) the best practices, unspoken guidelines, and trends for editing films on TikTok might be frightening. Fortunately, you don’t need expert video-producing abilities to succeed on TikTok. At TikTok, we think that creating simple, eye-catching, and engaging material shouldn’t require special video editing skills or award-winning filmmaking.

People are enabled to express their creativity without boundaries using simple and intuitive technologies. TikTok is a social app designed to bring friends together through sharing, creating, and discovering short music videos. While you are busy creating and posting good content, you may not have time to gain followers, so buy tiktok fans and organically enhance your visibility. It would result in acquiring more followers effortlessly. While some are familiar with its applications, others are entirely ignorant.

Here the following features can be helpful to individuals who are new to utilizing such programs but have a knack for doing so.

Giphy In Green Screen

With the addition of green screen GIFs, TikTok has brought one of their community’s most popular effects on TikTok to a new level. Users of the Green Screen creative effect can now choose from a library of GIFs to utilize as their background by cooperating with GIPHY. GIPHY in Green Screen opens up fascinating new possibilities for creativity and storytelling, whether you’re seeking the perfect reaction GIF or exhibiting an iconic meme.

One-Tap Visual Enhancement

The new Visual Enhancement button rapidly improves exposure, low-light, and color correction like waving a magic wand. The ability to edit videos more quickly before posting, whether uploading from your camera roll or shooting directly from TikTok, is made possible via video improvement. At the same time, you need much time to work out these features, buy tiktok views and boost your engagement in seconds. Record or upload a video, and press the new “Enhance” button in the right panel to test it. Tap the “Enhance” button one more to reverse the improvement.

New Musical And Animal Voice Effects

They are giving every TikTok user access to cutting-edge music synthesis tools. However, what exactly does that mean? Thanks to the most recent upgrade. Users can easily include any voice or sound. So, for example, people may now create sounds on TikTok that resemble the meow of a cat, a flute, etc. After recording your video, tap the “Voice Effects” button in the right panel on the Editing screen. Then, choose one of the three new possibilities.

High-Quality Uploading

One thing is undeniably true: creativity merits high-definition treatment. So TikTok is introducing the ability to submit videos in up to 1080p HD. Now that consumers can submit their videos in 1080p in a few locations, content producers and viewers can share high-quality content. First, record or submit your video, then touch “More options” on the Publishing screen. Finally, turn on “Upload HD” to post videos with a resolution of up to 1080p.

Auto-Generated Captions

Another incredible TikTok tool that gives people alternative ways to access your material is auto-generated subtitles. They enable you to cut down on editing time. The auto-generated captions on TikTok are made to save you time by turning spoken or voiced audio into closed captions, enhancing accessibility, and increasing viewer engagement. Whereas utilizing Trollishly will also help you to save time by boosting your engagement within a short period.

Auto-captions are easy to enable. Select captions from the right-side column when editing your recorded or uploaded videos. Your video’s captions will show once the audio has been processed. Before tapping save at the top-right of your screen to make adjustments, use the pencil icon to review your captions and correct any mistakes.

Summing It Up

You don’t have to utilize the same effect throughout your entire video because TikTok allows for creating short videos. Ultimately, the above-seen features are TikTok’s new and unique features. Beyond what we’ve covered here, there is much more to discover. Currently, these are the most used features on the app. Why not try them, then? You might become famous as a result! We hope this article will help you add new features to your TikTok videos.